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Z-Ben Advisors China Rankings 2016

April 2016


Z-Ben Advisors’ ranking survey “The Top Foreign Managers in China: 2016” provides the results of a proprietary model that assesses the competitive positioning of foreign investment managers in China. The Mainland is one of the most under-represented and under-serviced financial markets in the world, and our assessment examines global managers’ ability both to access the onshore market as well as service customers in and from the Mainland.

Some of the key findings of the research are outlined below:

 This report presents the top 25 after applying the model to more than100 investment managers globally. Some of the top 25 are to be expected: U.S. heavyweights such as JP Morgan, along with established and globalized European players such as UBS and BNP Paribas feature prominently due to their ability to offer comprehensive services both to Chinese and global investors.

 Regional Asian firms score higher than their total AUM might suggest, with organizations including Nikko AM, DBS and Samsung proving to be well-positioned to compete for assets on the Mainland.

 However, some of the largest global managers by AUM are notably absent from our top 25 rankings: among them Vanguard & SSgA. In most cases, we find this is due to low activity levels in one or more of the business areas we examine: onshore asset management, inbound flows and outbound flows.

The fact that the top ranked manager in our survey only achieved a score of a little over 50% highlights the huge growth potential in China for even the best positioned manager, and that firms ranked highly this year must guard against complacency. It is the same growth potential that also provides those firms ranked outside the top 25 the opportunity to gain ground on their peers if they prove successful in executing on a well-designed China strategy.

 Despite recent volatility, many of the managers on our list have been quietly expanding their China presence and capabilities over the last year. Most are using a variety of approaches: investing in onshore joint ventures and subsidiaries, creating relationships with Chinese banks to capture outflows and offering their own products to provide China exposure to foreign investors.

Z-Ben Advisors Expands to New York

– China consultancy appoints Anthony Skriba to lead the firm’s New York expansion

September 2015

SHANGHAI: Z-Ben Advisors, a Shanghai-based consulting firm that services global financial institutions, is pleased to announce the establishment of an initial presence in New York with the expressed purpose of meeting growing demand for advice on the China market.

Anthony Skriba, executive director at Z-Ben Advisors, will lead the firm’s expansion in the North American market.

“Having people based in New York is now imperative for Z-Ben Advisors” said Peter Alexander, the firm’s managing director and founder. “Events in China are now impacting global institutions and investors on an increasing scale. China can no longer be ignored and our senior staff need to be closer to our clients.”


June 2013

SHANGHAI: Mr. Charles Salvador, former Vice President of QFII sales for Bank of China International, has joined Z-Ben Advisors, the leading provider of advisory services for the Chinese investment management market. He will assume a new role as Director, Investment Solutions, providing a comprehensive platform to advise international asset owners and investment managers on assessing managers, brokers and custodians.

In this role, Charles will be leading a dedicated five-member team and report directly to Peter Alexander, Managing Director of the firm.