Company Overview

Company Overview

Z-Ben Advisors is a Shanghai-based consulting firm that helps global financial institutions capitalise on the fast-growing business opportunities presented by the Chinese and Greater China markets. Our business foundation is bottom-up, on the ground research; our services translate that research into actionable intelligence, recommendations and advice.

Z-Ben Advisors has been built on a foundation of high-quality, independent research. We have spent the past ten years, analysing every facet of the Chinese investment management market’s growth, its complex regulatory oversight, its often sudden and dramatic volatility and its growing interpenetration with foreign markets. We deliver the results of this research through subject-specific reports, fast-response market intelligence and strategic consulting services. Bottom-up, on the ground research informs every aspect of our work and sets us apart from strategic and management consulting firms. Our knowledge of the Chinese and Greater China financial services industry is unmatched and we believe it to be one of the most powerful tools a global firm can harness when forming or executing a China strategy.


“Greater China isn’t a market. It’s an asset class and one with a rapidly expanding global reach” 

Peter L. Alexander, Founder and Managing Director