Z-Ben Advisors is a Shanghai-based consulting firm that helps global financial institutions on the fast-growing business opportunities presented by the Chinese and Greater China markets. Our business foundation is bottom-up, and the ground research; our services translate that research into actionable intelligence, recommendations and advice.

CNBC: Z-Ben Advisors' founder and managing director, Peter Alexander, discusses a new ranking of top ranking foreign asset managers in China.

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By providing a detailed implementation plan with periodic checkpoints, Z-Ben helped build consensus behind adopting a strategy similar to those we use in other emerging markets for China

U.S. asset manager,

Although Leaders in [our home market] for product sales; localizing practices to China's landscape had proven difficult.

European bank conglomerate,

Despite familiarity with Hong Kong; Z-Ben has greatly helped us navigate the complex and risky Mainland market.

Global financial services firm,