Market Monitoring

Market Monitoring – Comprehensive support for a global financial services firm

An international firm with a strong Asian presence leveraged Z-Ben’s analytics to secure its market position

One of the most successful international firms operating in the Greater China market retained Z-Ben Advisors to provide ongoing support for its efforts in fund management, brokerage operations, insurance, and product distribution. The client has multiple joint-ventures and subsidiaries and relies on Z-Ben’s up-to-the minute information and advice to make correct decisions as new inflection points emerge within the market. 


With a leading market share in Hong Kong and growing volume of activity across China’s financial service sector, the client sought expand from its dominant position within the Greater China space. The client’s comprehensive offering of solutions for investors had made it an extremely strong participant in the market, and expanding existing capabilities from Hong Kong to the Mainland had been a core strategic focus for the last several years.


Z-Ben Advisors not only provided the client with on-going diagnostics of the performance of their existing Greater China entities but also suggestions on how they might leverage new entities to better achieve their goals. The client’s ongoing efforts were and are supported with dedicated, tailored material to allow stakeholders to make better decisions or refocus the firm’s strategy when required.


The client has not only defended its existing market share but grown in Hong Kong and on the Mainland, and remains one of the most competitive and successful managers within the Greater China space. It was also among the first to take advantage of expansions in cross-border programs facilitating inflows and outflows, giving it a lead in offering products and services both in and outside of China.

Market Monitoring – Index manager fundraising support

A global index fund manager sought Z-Ben’s help to expand its coverage within the onshore market

A major index manager and provider sought Z-Ben Advisors’ assistance in expanding the usage of its products among Chinese investors. Although the manager already had funds for sale through Chinese banks, fundraising figures were relatively low versus competitors. However, given the potentially strong and stable returns available from one of the primary funds that was on offer, increasing sales figures required marketing and training rather than for a fundamental revamp of strategy. Z-Ben conducted extensive market research to determine what combination of strategies and servicing would be necessary for the client to gain additional market share.


A lack of stable returns from Mainland products meant that the client’s primary product offering, a globally allocated index fund focusing on commodities, should have been an attractive proposition, as Chinese investors that typically only have access to a much more limited set of investment products. Due to limited operations on the Mainland, it had proved difficult for the client to assess the strengths and weaknesses of their current distribution strategy.


As the index fund in question was primarily targeting retail investors, Z-Ben Advisors developed an extensive market research initiative, including interviews and surveys, to determine how the product could be better supported and sold. Using the findings from analysis of that research, Z-Ben helped the client develop new training procedures for staff and support materials for fundraising. To institutionalize their use, we then led a series of workshops for  all major distribution partners, including banks.


The client is now one of the larger players in China’s index commodity space, and is growing very rapidly due to onshore interest in stable and diversified returns. Expanding access to the fund driven by better marketing and PoS product knowledge has given a much wider range of retail investors all across China the opportunity to participate in this space.

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