Frequently Asked Questions

1. Advertise/Search Process 2. Administration of Screening 3. Hiring Interviews 4. Final Hiring Decisions 5. Communication with Candidates 6. Documentation 7. New Employee Orientation  
ZBA is responsible for the cost of applying the Z visa and related documents for aliens for working purpose as below, and certificate for Hong Kong & Macau for Chinese citizen. Employees should provide the required documents according to HR department’s notification in time. In case the application was failed due to employee provided false personal information or data, all legal liabilities therefore shall be solely borne by employee.
According to our C&B policy, the general salary information is highly confidential. However, if you are offered a full-time position, the salary will definitely match your capability and the market level. Meanwhile, we will offer legal insurance, supplementary medical care and annual holidays and PAID sick leave.
The assessment is based upon 8 key factors: Teamwork, Initiative, Depth, Breadth, Professionalism, Task completion, Communication, Deliverable polish. The most valued skills and criteria we look for are intellectual curiosity, openness, ability to work well with others, commitment to the job and career, and a willingness to not only help, but be helped. Other hard skills such as financial modeling, accounting, project management, etc. can all be taught and learned usually.

Recruitment Process

1. Advertise/Search Process

2. Administration of Screening

4. Hiring Interviews

5. Final Hiring Decisions

6. Communication with Candidates

5. Documentation

6. New Employee Orientation

HR Interview Process